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8 October ­ 9 November 2003 Johanna Billing: YOU DONšT LOVE ME YET

Opening, Wednesday 8 October 5 , 8 p.m.

A film project and a live tour, 2003-2004

Johanna Billing's work has consistently showed an engagement in the specific individual's performance, an engagement that naturally includes the way an individual person lives his or her own life in the gap arising between the individual and society's more collective situations. In the context of her projects, where the collective often is referred to as a positive and powerful force, Johanna Billing asks the participants to act as themselves and thereby contribute their experiences via a mixture of scenes, both staged and documentary in form. Here too, the viewer plays an important role, as the works often originate in a social environment where co-operation and participation are part of the total experience.

In the artist's film and live music project "You Don't Love Me Yet", again, concepts about the individual and the collective are unified into a positive opportunity. The catalyst for this interaction is an 80s pop song, "You Don't Love Me Yet" by American singer-songwriter Roky Erickson where - despite the disillusioned tone - a feeling of trust and hope is discernible between the lines. The project commenced in October 2002 with live performances at Index, including more than twenty participating local singers, soloists and bands. Roky Erickson's song was covered again and again, repeated in a wide variety of interpretations each reflecting the participants' own personal style. One performance was followed by another in what increasingly came to resemble a tragi-comic, manic litany about the social demands that weigh heavily on people: for instance the concept of self-fulfilment: or the hazards of entering a relationship with someone and therefore daring to let go of oneself.

The project's second part, Johanna Billing's film "You Don't Love Me Yet", produced in June 2003, again invited the participants only this time the individual performance is replaced by a common effort at Atlantis recording studios at Karlbergsvägen in Stockholm, where both a film and audio recording took place. The film "You Don't Love Me Yet" lies somewhere between a music video and a documentary, with the emphasis on the common performance by the many protagonists: musicians; singers; music engineers and film photographers. In autumn 2003, this film will be screened at six different locations in Sweden in collaboration with art institutions who have also acted as co-producers. By themselves, or together with local music managers and youth organisations, they too will host concerts and music-based live events, based on local situation for art and music. Despite a relatively fixed structure, in other words, repetition and personal interpretation as a strategy, each participant - private individuals as well as organised institutions - has the opportunity to determine their own part of the project from their point of view. The project will also include an audio CD containing the recorded song, which will be distributed free of charge at each event.

Film and concept by Johanna Billing, Curated by Helena Holmberg and Mats Stjernstedt, Index. The "You Don't Love Me Yet" project is a co-production between Index the Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation and Nifca (Nordic Institute for Contemporary Art). Co-producers and collaborative partners for the film and tour project "You Don't Love Me Yet"are Eskilstunas Konstmuseum (with Balsta Musikslott), Norrköpings Konstmuseum (with Allmän Kultur, Norrköping), Konstkonsulenten in Jämtlandslän (with Mångkulturkonsulenten and UKM), Konstkonsulenten in västra Götalandsregionen (with Vara Kommun), Gävle Konstcentrum (with Musikhuset and Kultur och Fritid) and Ystad Konstmuseum.

Index The Swedish Contemporary Art Foundation

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