Blood Music "Sing a songfighter!" CD,
Make it happen 2005, 11 tracks.
Distributed by Border. Buy it here!
Blood Music Free Mp3 single
"There is a war in almost every corner"
Make it happen 2005

BLOOD MUSIC 7" Vinyl Single
Promenade Recordings 6 tracks:

A telegram for Rosemarie
I'm waiting round the corner
The Salesman
Come on Billie May (I want it your way)
Somebody put something in my drink (Ramones Cover)

Make it happen Compilation, featuring a Blood Music
version of Daniel Johnston's "Held the hand"

Blood Music
Back to basics
My days and weeks
Some thoughts about this and then some more about that
Live dates
The rumour has it that blood music gives a concert or two now and then
The one and only
Make it happen
The lovely label who will put out blood music's first album. And that's not all...
First Floor Power
The band who gave birth to Blood Music and the band Blood Music always comes home to in the morning
Drop me a line!