Back to basics

Beginning of April 2006

Well, you know I had to do it. Maybe I didn't have to, but you know... "There comes a time in every man's life when he needs to shape up". Who said that ? Did someone say that? And why? Anyways. What I'm trying to say is that I went to the gym for the first time in my adult life. A bit nervous. How does the machines work? Do they work? Do I work...out ?

Well, it wasn't that nightmare I had predicted. I walked around in there, almost for myself. Learned quickly what I am not interested in. Like hanging upside down in a complicated machine with weights around the ankles... And the music there...Really awful, but somehow it fitted perfectly at times. Like hearing old Enya tracks in the shower. I don't know what happened, but I heard qualities in a lot of things. But the best part was leaving the gym. Like being free from prison.

Two, I love you:

The Fiery Furnaces (band)
I'm hooked. This brother and sister duo is way out there. In a lot of ways. They've released a lot of albums in a short time and each one of them is filled with pop hooks, weird arrangements and stunning melodies. Their latest album "bitter tea" is their best one, if you ask me. But I just made a "best of the fiery furnaces" cd for myself and it blows me away. For instance, the track "the wayward granddaughter" which is nothing but genius. It's from the album "rehearsing my choir" where Eleanor and Matthew are joined by their 83-year old grandmother. Oh, I guess, you see I got a thing for this band, by now...

World Party - goodbye jumbo (album)
This is, whether I will admit or not, perhaps the most important album for me. It came to me (or did I come to the album?) at a time when I was totally lost and in need of something good and intelligent. I was living in the woods of Småland. Working for a construction company and scared of going to work every morning, because I didn't know a thing about the job (wasn't that interested either) and who wants to fail and let people down? I needed direction. Somehow, this album got in my hands. Here was songs about trying to make the world a better place and about love, love and love. All with perfect pop-melodies and I played the record over and over again. I'd just found a new best friend. I started making plans. Some weeks later, I moved away from home. I drove my light blue Volvo Amazon and it was one of the greatest moments of my life. Ready for something new. And blasting from the stereo was nothing but World Party. I still have the cassette and the vinyl album and the cd of "goodbye jumbo". I listen to it once a year and it brings back a lot of memories. I mean, listen to "take it up", "put the message in the box" for christ's sake! And the opening phrase from "love street": "Have you ever been to love street, have you tried on all their shoes they're for walking on the clouds with and not for down here in the blue.." The beatles influences are all over the album and you could probably hear some dated production things here and there, but I can't see things clearly when it comes to this album. I guess we all have an album which is extra special to us. This is mine. Whether I like it or not...
Middle of March 2006.

Just got home from New York. Finally, I got a chance to meet and greet the big apple. Disappointed? Well, I should be, since my expectations were rather high after hearing and seeing people praise that city during my whole life. But no...It was impossible to not be swept away. To not feel the pulse. To not fall in love with things here and there. In another life, when it's easy and cheap to get an apartment there, I will live there for a while, I think.

Saw some friends play there. James Huggins the 3rd played them drums in Of Montreal. At a sold out Bowery Ballroom they did an extra everything show which was nothing but awesome to witness. And my dear friend Simone Rubi played at Tonic with her musical-project Rubies. They were a four-piece this evening and the highlight was to hear "diamonds on fire" for the first time. It was magnificient. After that gig I was supposed to play some records at the club. Be a dj. But the guy who played records before me, just wouldn't stop. "Hey, I just have to play 2 or 3 more songs", he kept telling me. For hours. And man, did he play lousy trance-records! I was patient. Even smiled at him when he kept pushing me away from the dj-throne. "Just two more, man. You have a problem with that?" Well, HE seemed to have a problem. Finally, it got absurd. Was I on "candid camera" or something? My dear friend Phil Collins (no, not that one. This is the REAL Phil Collins. A great artist who lives in Glasgow) got pissed at the dj-diva. "Come on, what are you doing?", he kindly asked. But the trance-guy apparently felt threatened by us and said he was gonna call the guards if we didn't back off.

And well, it wasn't THAT important for me to spin some poor records. We left him there. On his throne. Went out on the street. Just across, a woman was closing her bar. We started talking to her and all of a sudden we all ended up in there. Me playing records and dancing the night away. Beautiful night, at last.

Just before I left N.Y I met up with Terri Roche. For you unfamiliar with The Roches, check out their debutalbum with the same name. It's one of the best records ever made, if you ask me. I've had some e-mail contact with her earlier, since I did a cover-version of her "runs in the family" on the blood music album. Now, I just wanted to give her some copies and say "thank you". We ended up jamming and eating salmon. I'm so glad I met her. We recorded a very short song together. It's one minute long and consists of one line. It's growing in the cellar now. Perhaps it will fit on a record one day...

One, Two and Three :

I'm the loneliest fool - Jack Nitzsche (song)
When I first heard this, I wanted to cry. It had the same feeling as "a man needs a maid" which is one of my favorite songs. Big orchestral arrangements. My phone wasn't working. No one knew where I was. I didn't know where I was. Somewhere in New York is a vague description. That song just went straight to my heart when I heard it. It's from "Hard Workin' man: The Jack Nitzsche story, vol 2".

Marsilia Oro - Kocani Orkestar (song)
This balkan brass band from Macedonia blows my mind. Their music is sad, dancey, wild and incredibly rhythmic. Kocani Orkestar makes you wanna shake, rattle and roll, no matter what. The song is from the album "alone at my wedding".

Musique Mechanique - Carla Bley band (album)
A friend said "buy it", when we were at this great recordshop. As it sounded more like an order than an recommendation, I followed the "order". I don't buy too much jazz-records and that's a god damn shame. This album got me in it's spell from the first listen. The title track is soooooo good. There's a special moment when the clarinets keep on repeating a weird melody that fills my heart with joy everytime I hear it.
Beginning of february 2006:

Good morning, all you ladies and gentlemen! How are you? Blood Music is fine. And busy like a bee. There is a lot of music swirling around in the blood music house at the moment. Just got to have some patience...want to record everything. Now!

By the way, Blood Music can now be found on a myspace page:
There is a live-recording of "and she is the future" and the first blood music recording ever (held the hand) in there somewhere...

And on Thursday (the 9th of february) blood music will attend the Manifest-gala at Nalen, Stockholm. Manifest is the name for the Swedish Independent Music Prize. Blood Music is nominated for best album in the "pop/rock" section 2005. Thank you, whoever decided that... I will perform a song with Jenny and Sara Wilson there also. A song written by a great swedish artist. I can tell you no more, right now...

And as a salute, here is a free mp3 of "the hair" from "sing a song, fighter!" "Ain't it good to be around?" Well, at least some of the time...

I will try to update this page more often now. But now, I have to start up the scooter to get me through the snow to the rehearsal-space where the new songs are waiting for me... Take care and see you soon / Karl-Jonas

Three that gets to me:
Corky's debt to his father (album) - Mayo Thompson
Simply fantastic. Recorded 1970. Mixed 1986. Released 1994. Sounds great in 2006.

The tiny (live at Ugglan)
Simply beautiful. Really looking forward to their forthcoming album...

Farewell Aldebaran (album) - Judy Henske & Jerry Yester
Simply magical. Have played this album for two days in a row and have no intention to stop it...

Beginning of 2006

Blood Music is hoping the new one will be a fine year. For all of us. And the motto: Well, maybe..."It's not the size that matters" As you can see on the picture here, the small piano is stealing the attention these days. It was my christmas-present to blood music and it's not a wild guess that the little beauty will be heard here and there on forthcoming recordings.

On Friday (january the 6th) you can hear blood music play live on P 3 (swedish national radio) "Lantz" is the name of the show and also playing the same day is my dear colleague Jenny Wilson. What songs and in what versions is yet to find out. With warm regards / Karl-Jonas

More beauties:

Maritime (album) - Minotaur Shock
This album from last year deserves your attention. It's filled with great melodies and a warm, embracing sound. Instrumental electronica with a lot of pop-hooks. I've heard comparisons to different artists such as Boards of Canada and Steely Dan. I don't know, to me it is an album that's one of it's kind. Highly recommended!

Pushing up daisies (demo) - Soft Hearted Scientists
Great music from Wales. This song is available for free download on the band's website and it's a pearl. And their album is out now!

Biff Rose
His two first albums. So good it hurts. Just listen to his original version of "fill your heart" which David Bowie covered on "Hunky Dory".

The swimming song (song)-Kate & Anna McGarrigle
I often find myself humming this song. The singing is so uplifting and beautiful on this one. From their debutalbum which has a lot of magic moments.

Hola, dear friends of blood music! What are you up to at the moment?

Are you longing for some snow? Or do you snow for some longing?

I will be travelling this christmas. To three different places. Croatia, France and Agunnaryd. One of them I used to know very well. And one of them I have never been to. And to one of these three places I will travel under the name: Pascal! I actually catched some "nightsongs" earlier this week. I stayed up all night. Writing, singing and playing. These songs really makes my heart beats a little faster and I'm thankful for that they found the time to come around and visit me. One of them is called "don't throw your love in the garbagecan" or maybe the first suggestion "Michelle, I didn't hear you ring my bell" and though the song itself has some nice little surprises,it probably won't come as any surprise to you if I tell you it is a lovesong with a big L. The songs will be available in various forms in the year of 2006.

Me, Adam and Per (who often play organs and drums with blood music and some other bands...) teamed up with James Huggins III and Bryan from the bands Of Montreal, Great lakes and Elf power when they were here in Stockholm. We backed them up at a show they did at the place "Landet". This new "band" for the night was quickly named "Trouble". I guess that was a fitting name, because there was some trouble in the air. We've had no time to rehearse so we did things we were not sure would fit the songs. And there was a lot of feedback noises throughout the set. But I guess it worked out ok in the end, since they brought a lot of good songs with them and we had good fun. And, oh, how I just loved to play "the octapad". December the 15th James will do another show at "Ugglan" and if you have the possibility: go there! Some faces that can be seen on this homepage will most likely appear on the stage with him. Not me, though, as I will be sitting in Croatia and play the flute with a lot of children.

Oh, and yes, I have been asked about the "sing a song fighter" t-shirts. Now, they are available at all blood music shows, but it probably should be possible to get one if you can't make it to a show, shouldn't it? So now you can order them from this very page. They are red with black prints and grey with black prints and they are LoVeLy! (designed by ÅBÄKE) Sizes are small, medium and large and the sizes are slightly big, so bear that in mind...And of course, there is not an enormous amount of them since neither me or the label make it happen are millionaires at the moment.

I wish you a great winter and hope to see you early in 2006 / Karl-Jonas

Five Favorites:

H'art songs - Moondog
A great compilation of more than 20 great moondog songs was just released on the label Honest Jon. Go check it out, if you haven't already. But this album is a little bit different to the others. Piano-based hymns and with a lot of singing. If it's one of those fantastic albums that will haunt your heart and mind for a long time? Yes. I'm not sure if it's available on cd 'yet, but It sure deserves to be!

Under a starlit sky at Södra Teatern with Jenny Wilson & El Perro del Mar 6/12 2005.
What a great night this was. I totally admire and love these two artists and the people playing and singing with them. Because it was not one of these concerts you see everyday. It was a unique and brave concert. And the great choir "The Sweptaways" brought even more magic. All the songs were played and arranged in brand new versions. I don't think there's any plans to bring this on tour, but there should be!

Another sunny day & Funny little frog - Belle and Sebastian
These two tracks are from the forthcoming album with S.Murdoch & co. I tend to forget every now and then, what a great band this is. These songs are among the finest they ever done,I think. And I am really eager to hear the whole album...

Harold Pinter - his Nobel-Price speech
If I just focus on his, almost one hour long, speech he made on the swedish television last week..then I simply say...Yes!!! It's not everyday where you get to see someone speak for such a long time and NOT get interrupted by anything. And the things he said were both fascinating, beautiful and an important wake up call for all human beings.

Autumn sweater - Yo La Tengo
A friend recently said to me: "This song is your absolute favorite, isn't it"? I said " well...what makes you think so"? "Because you have played it everytime we've met and as long as I've known you", he said. And since he's always right, I guess it is. My absolute favorite.
Middle of November (nowhere) 2005

Hi there! Hope you are all well. Blood Music is. Future plans, releases, songs and ideas are being tossed around in the livingroom everyday now as well as rehearsing with a lot of people for upcoming shows.

"I am a little bit confused: Is blood music a band or a solo-project?" "My grandmother wants to know: why the name blood music and what does it mean?" "Can I expect more releases in the future from blood music and if so, what will they sound like?" These are some of the questions I've been asked lately. And soon there will be answers and questions all over this pages, since Janelle Broussard's big interview with blood music will be available here. It will reveal it all and more. And she even wrote a short blood music biography for you to rest your eyes on for a while. Soon to come.

There is a musicvideo in the makings too. Low-budget (or No Budget) Soon to come, too.

You can now get hold of "sing a song fighter" from the excellent U.S mailorder

I was in London for two weeks, just now, and met up with the lovely people of Åbake. They made the cover and artwork for the album and their creativity and talents is truly inspiring. We went out to Epping Forest (outside of London) to find the spot where they build the "wooden person" for the cover. It got dark as we walked in the forest. Maybe he/she was gone? Got tired of laying around among the leaves and got up and walked away?

Finally we got there. He/she looked a little bit different. Weary. Some pieces were missing but you'll recognise a friend when you see one (at least in this case)

We sat down and had a meal there in the forest. Martino, our great Italian friend, was there with us too and he got up in a tree and tied a water-proof copy of the album up there. How long it will stay in the tree and who'll be the first to find it, well, maybe we'll never know, but I really like the thought that "sing a song fighter" now also been released in a tree in a forest outside of London.

What more? Oh, I've been to some great concerts lately. Of Montreal. Akron/Family. Sir Eric Beyond... And I finally got to see Sebastien Tellier live in London. I sneaked in backstage after the show to thank him and here's the photo of the artist and the fan. Or maybe the french beard and the swedish beard.
And me and Andreas Söderström was quietly backing up Simone Rubi when she came here from San Fransisco to play some shows as "Rubies". Great fun. Andreas handled the bassguitar. And I was playing a marraccas the size of an ant and then some finger-cymbals and the "hit sticks". It all reminded me a little bit of the lovely group The Marine Girls who existed some years in the eighties.

That's all for now, I guess. Take care / Karl-Jonas


"Go 'way from my window" (track) - John Jacob Niles
I've been obsessed with this song and this man ever since I happened to see that clip of him in "No direction home" (the M.Scorcese documentary on mr Dylan). I couldn't believe what I heard (or saw for that matter) Beauty is the word. Or maybe, the best thing I've ever heard... So, now I am constantly searching for albums with this John Jacob Niles.

"Up 7" - documentary filmseries.
This is one of the best documentary-series I've ever seen. You'll get to follow a bunch of 7-year olds. Get to hear their thoughts on life.And their dreams and hopes etc And it is spellbinding! Then 7 year later the film-team meet these kids again in "up 14". Things have changed. Good and bad. This serie was started by Michael Apted who made "up 7" in U.K. It's such an impressive achievement. He followed the same people from 7 to 14 to 21 to 28...up 'til they were 42 year old. There is also "up 7" documentaries done in Russia,USA and Africa. The one I saw, for the second time, last night, was the one done in the former Soviet Union. I really can't put the right words down to describe how great it is. People thinking about becoming a teacher should see this! People thinking about having children in the future should see it! People who once were children should see it! It is about life. And it will be stuck in your mind for a long time.

"old big trees" (track) - Taxi Taxi
A song I just heard on the radio. All I know about the band is that it consists of two 16-year old twin sisters from Enskede (Sweden) and then maybe some more. Anyway, the song was really beautiful. A naive song,they described it themselves, so I go with that too. Naive and great!

"KC rules ok" (album) - King Creosote.
I've been to Scotland for two days. And I loved it (even though the picture above may not tell you so). And I've been listening a lot to this new album lately. And I love it.

"No fit state" (track) - Hot Chip
Yes, they're back! I keep telling everyone over and over how great their "coming on strong" album from last year is. This track is from a new 12" and it's far from disappointing. A goodie with those vocals made in heaven (or is it in London?) In some months there will be a new album and you can rest assure I will count the days...

------------------------------- Beginning of October 2005:

The night song came by the other night. It's not the first time it did and something's telling me it wasn't the last. The night song is one of those songs that makes your heart skips a beat and dizzy your head for some time. The melody is always unique and beautiful. And if there is a chorus you'll bet it belongs in heaven.

It was dark outside. Raining. Wind blowing. The hour was way past midnight and I was playing on the piano. Quiet as a mouse. Barely touching the keys. Tapping my foot as gentle as I could because you don't want to wake the neighbours up.

"This is it", I said, to myself. Repeatedly. Very self-obsessed, fully satisfied and a little pathetic. But there was no mirror around (thank god) so I couldn't see the foolish smile on my face. The song I've always been trying to write. Here it was. Right before my eyes. And ears.

Then morning arrives. Just like that. And I'm still there by the piano. Now half awake at most. My eyes are probably red. Light comes crashing in through the windows. Should I record the song so I'll be able to remember it the following day? Yes, I probably should. But maybe...Maybe I should just lie in that comfortable sofa...for a while...or maybe I should have a go at the bed..just for an hour or so.

I stumbled my way to the bed and then slept like a baby. Woke up several hours later and the phone was ringing. Oh, I was late for something, but my mind wasn't exactly sure for what.

As I ran down the stairs I thought about the night before. About that night song. I was not quite sure about the melody. And what about the chords ? I tried to sing it to myself but it sounded like another song.

Once again it disappeared. It's not the first time and something's telling me it ain't the last. Where did it go? Out the window and down the street?

I hope it sends me a postcard. Or bring a friend next time it comes around. I'm waiting. My e-mail adress is:

Image from "A Little Night Music" (1973 Original Broadway Cast)

The album is just around the corner. The release date is the fifth of october and there will be a party at Street in Stockholm the same night. Blood Music will play live. With loads of people. If you're live around these parts, please come by, because I think we're in for a hell of a night.

Last night we had a rehearsal and I must say it's nothing but a dream come true to see so many people take on your ideas and find out that it is actually working (well, almost all of the time).

The national swedish radio have for two weeks now been listing "there is a war" in a rotation-list that they describe as " spices that we play 3 times a week". Spice that soup up and thanks for playing the song! I also must thank everyone who has sent me nice and uplifting e-mails after they've heard or downloaded the song. It makes me so happy to know that the song really travel to some places and even though I haven't been to all of these countries (Australia, Usa, Italy, Uk and Russia) , my song has!

I hope to have some more information soon about how to get hold of the record if you're living outside of Scandinavia. I hope you're all well and see you soon / Karl-Jonas

DIRTY THREE - is not just a band from Australia who has been making some good music for quite some time now and contains one of the best drummers in the world: the one and only Jim White, who is playing on the latest smog album and also played drums on smogs last tour - no, it is also the name for this time's favorites:

Cass McCombs - prefection
I knew nothing about this when a friend at the recordstore told me to buy it. Why? Because of the bargain-price and because the album was one of it's kind. Ok. So I did. And the first listen didn't hook me that much. Average indierock, I thought. One of it's kind? Isn't there thousands? Thank god, that I gave it another chance the next day. I was doing the dishes and heard the record in the background. It was a big dish, so I played the record twice and now suddenly: Here was a really exciting album with a splendid singer and lots of beautiful songs. Just listen to "sacred heart" for example.

Van Dyke Parks.
Eccentric, weird and beautiful artist who also found the time to produce, arrange and write excellent music. Listen to that great carribean feel in "John Jones" from "american songbook". Or his first album "song cycle".

Bob Crosby and the bobcats - big noise from Winnetka
This song is from the 1930´s. I think it's a jazz-standard, because I have heard a lot of different versions with different artist during my hunting for this lovely thing. So this recording is about 70 years old. And it is still one of the coolest track on the block. The whistling and the drumming makes you want to throw a party. And you don't want to forget your dancing shoes.
Beginning of september 2005:

What is the matter with me? I'm having trouble with time. A bag full of trouble. I'm late wherever I go. Whenever I go. No matter how important it is, you can bet your last little coin that I will not be there on time. I'm even late for not being on time. I have two dear friends that's even worse than me. We are the terrible three. Last night I found myself running down a street with the sweat dripping down my neck. I was cursing myself as I ran. "What the hell is wrong with you, Karl-Jonas? Some people were looking while my blood was cooking. I had to make it to the train that was leaving in two minutes and the odds were pretty bad. I ran into a bike that fell to the ground. Should I pick it up? Well, of course I should, but...I left it there and ran off with panic streaming from my red eyes. "Ey, pick it up, junkie!", I heard an old man screaming after me. Junkie? Well, if time is a drug then he may be right. I am constantly wanting more.
The terrific three:

L'argot du bruit - Pascal Comelade
A french artist who has made some really nice music for a long time now. This record is full of great swirling melodies. A lot of the songs are performed on toyinstruments and I am nothing but a sucker for those sounds. Includes a faust cover and some singing by Polly Jean Harvey.

The glasgow school - Orange Juice
This album's got it.

Plain gold ring - White magic
This song has been sung by great,great artists before. But yesterday when I heard this, I had to stop whatever it was that I was doing and just listened. Amazing. This comes from an e.p released on drag city two years ago. I really hope to hear a full album soon.

Beginning of August 2005:

Dear friends,
The last 30 days has been the most intense, sad, dramatic and warmest days of my life, I think. And it has nothing to do with music. One of the greatest person I've known, John Winqvist and whom I have loved my whole life and was my closest relative alive, passed away three days ago. I haven't got the strength to tell you more about it and it would take me forever. But the coming blood music album is dedicated to him as well as all my thoughts at the moment.

The album is done. To be released in the beginning of october. There will be eleven songs living in that disc. The songs that didn't fit into the album will be released on singles and mp3s in the future. And from now on I guess this website will be more updated than before since things will start to happen here and there.

Blood Musics peacesong "there is a war in almost every corner" from the forthcoming album is now available to download for free and listen to as much as you like. I do hope you like it.

blood music will be playing at emmabodafestivalen in a few days. And I am so excited about it. The good friends who will come with me to play will be: Marcus Palm (acoustic guitar), Lina Langendorf (saxophone, bassclarinet and flute), Per Lager (drums) and Bubben (harmonium and cabasa). They all sing occasionally, too.
The soft ice-cream picture is from the eleventh floor at Lunds lasarett where I've been too many times the last years and where John spent his last days. I passed that picture on the wall everytime I walked in and out of those rooms and it really got to me. I hope to see myself, at that age, sharing an icecream in the green grass with the love of my life. Don't we all?

three things I like at the moment:

Something on your mind - Karen Dalton
A folk blues artist who only released two albums. This is from her second and last album "in my own time" from 1968. This song is nothing but true beauty and it will always have a special place in my heart. As will another song from that album, "katie cruel", which include the most beautiful violinplaying I've heard.

Dimanche á Bamako - Amadou & Mariam
This new album from the blind couple from Mali is produced by some guy called manu chao. It's warm,tender and organic sound makes me melt and I'm really thankful for everytime I get to do that. It's impossible not to tap your foot and dance to this.

The glow pt 2 - the microphones
Well, phil elvrum who's the mastermind behind mount eerie and the microphones has a special little universe where his songs just flows in and out and it's always unpredictable and exciting to take part of it. This album is like a cousin to neutral milk hotel's "in the aeroplane over the sea".A little classic. And according to some sources the forthcoming mount eerie album is supposed to be really good...

Take care and I'll see you soon/ Karl-Jonas
End of June 2005:

Walking barefoot.
This is not the album title, but what I love to do as often as I can these days. On concrete. In the grass.

There is just one song left now to mix and then the album is done. You will all soon get the chance to hear a track from the album.

Oh, and blood Music have been invited to play at two really nice places later on this summer:

"Ljummen i gräset" is a festival located in vinterviken, stockholm. The atmosphere there and the surroundings is truly beautiful.

And the emmabodafestival has a special place in my heart. It is the greatest festival in Småland and has a lot of great bands playing there.

It looks like there will be different musicians playing with blood music on these two dates and that is exciting! I have no idea at this point who will join where and how. It's not exactly blood music choosing the people, it's the people choosing blood music... But during July I believe things will be a bit clearer. If you're nearby, please come and join!

In my walkman right now:

Smog - a river ain't too much to love
Oh, Bill Callahan! You have me wrapped around your little finger when you sing like this and write poems like that.

Electrelane - axes
Live at cafe' de la danse in Paris two months ago they gave this really inspiring and hypnotic concert which I always see before me when I hear this album.

Jenny Wilson - love and youth
I've been listening to this record a lot this year and all I can say is that I'm a big fan. I've always been, even when we're playing in the same band. And the songs "common around here" and "would I play with my band" is two of the most beautiful songs I've heard this year.

Bill Fay - bill fay
No, this re-release of the record from 1971 still hasn't arrived to the shops here, but a friend of mine downloaded the album to me, so I wouldn't go crazy waiting. And this, his debutalbum, is so beautiful and touching. This is perhaps the best album I have heard for years and I recommend it everyone who likes popsongs wrapped up in breathtaking brass and string-arrangements.

Jens Lekman - I killed a party again (cd-r)
Among all the really great releases from mr Lekman, this is the one I have danced to the most. At home, at work and at parties.

I hope you have a great summer / Karl-Jonas

May 2005: Hi! So,finally the album is on it's way to be completed. It's in the mix. Washing and scrubbing. Losing weight and gaining some. I've knocked three times already and I hope it's coming out from there anyday now.

Twelve songs. Including a coverversion of "runs in the family" which was originally sung by the fabulous trio the Roches (check out their first two records, they are amazing!). I cherish all the twelve ones, but that doesn't necessarily mean all of them will finally make it to the record.

The songs are called:

Rumours travel fast
There is a war in almost every corner
Oh cloud
Runs in the family
The hair
It's a party (and you're invited)
Slow down mountain
I am your taxi
And she is the future
Words (don't fail me now)
I may be evil

I will, of course, tell you more about them soon. Who is playing what and where and why etc

The release date is not really decided, but August will be the month!

Some people have been asking me to describe what the record will sound like..and I'm not sure I can...

It started out very simple. Me and a piano and a lot of words. Now and then the piano was replaced by a lovely organ. Just like some of the blood music concerts. My good friend and recording maestro Joachim Ekermann has been helping out with some guitar here and some bass there. And as time went by (I was in the hospital a lot) I wanted to involve more people. I got lonely, I guess. And It's not always fun to do things on your own. So there is quite a gang of people on the record. They brought their violins, clarinets, flutes and saxophones and made absolutely beautiful guest appearances. I am very grateful for that and it was truly moving to see them take on my ideas.

Still I have the working title "sing a song, fighter!" which comes from the time I spent in the hospital. I was discussing music with this older man in the bed next to me. He was so interested in every word I said. He wanted to know what was happening out there (as If I know!?!) "You know, I find it hard to catch up with all these new bands coming every week. And when it all comes down, no one stands a chance to John Lennon", he said. We watched the TV a lot and now and then a music video came up and everytime it happened, he wanted to know what kind of music it was, what I liked or disliked about it and what (hrmm) genre it belonged to. First I tried to give proper answers, but I found out after a while that he was just fooling around with me, he wanted me to come up with completely new genres (the weirder the better),so I played along and we had some really funny word games there, in our white beds, in our white clothes in that white room. When he left the hospital, his last words to me was "You're not a singer/songwriter, you know?" "No?", I replied. "No, Karl Jonas", he grinned. "You're a sing-a-song fighter!" I liked that.

In my ears and in my heart in May 2005:

Bill Fay - from the bottom of an old grandfather clock
25 demos and outtakes from 1966-1970. This guy has just until now been totally unknown to me. Thanks to my good friend, Rosengårds-Fredrik, I have now discovered this totally fantastic record who is packed with originality, warmth, beauty and songs that should've been classics. Now I am dying to find his two first "proper" albums.

Sebastien Tellier - L'Incroyable Verite
This, his first album, is one of my favorite albums actually. And I really can't tell you exactly why, but the record has been in my record player back and forth for the last three years and that surely means that I like it a lot. Great songs, great weirdness, mostly instrumental. And beautiful orchestrations. No drums. It's nothing but an underrated masterpiece. His latest album, "Politics", is also terrific, although it's much more varied and this time with a lot of drums. I really would love to see Sebastien Tellier perform live. When I was in France some weeks ago I was asking a lot of people there about mr Tellier, but they just looked at me in a strange way...

Joan Baez - Silver Dagger
This is one of the most beautiful songs I know. I've heard it a thousand times and hope to hear it a thousand times more...

Antony and the Johnsons - live at Sodra Teatern, Stockholm.

Hot chip - coming on strong
I love the melodies and the great vocals on this album! At the recordstore where I bought this, they had a sticker on this that said "lazy electronic bedroom lo-fi soul which sounds like a mix between the poppiest demorecordings of prince and ween". I don't know what to say about that, but this record, sure is a shiny little pearl.

Oh, I must run for the bus...
Take care now. All the best / Karl Jonas

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