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In the past:
061008 Debaser, Stockholm (supporting The Essex Green)
Two saxophones, an acoustic guitar and a piano. That was the set-up for blood music this Sunday night. Oh yes, and some people to play the instruments too. Anna Nygård, Lina Langendorf, Marcus Palm and me. No rhythm-section. What so ever. The place was full and it was a joy to see Anna and Lina walk out on the stage and start up the intro to the new song "Oh, but dance!" Me and Marcus stood and watched them from behind. Waited as long as we could and then we finally joined them. And the show went very well. The audience was enthusiastic and calmed the two of us, who claimed before the show that they were more nervous than ever. We played eight songs and at the end of "It's a party" the drummer from Essex Green (Lee was his first name) crawled up on the stage from behind. So, the "I don't wanna talk about music" part was suddenly graced with some drumming. A perfect ending. Then we watched The Essex Green do a marvellous show, where every song they played sounded like a classic.
20060929 Obs! Kulturkvarten, Midsommarkransen
It's not everyday you play live in someone else's livingroom. On a beautiful piano. And where everything (including tiny remote controls etc) is wrapped up in plastic. The host for the night (Martin Linder) said: "Feel free to do whatever you want to". Well, I often do, but considering his nice offer, I thought I try to give myself a real challenge. I performed 12 brand new songs in front of a sitting audience who were stunningly nice to me. I had to have my lyrics sheet in front of me, since some of the songs were finished the night before. I am so glad I did this and I think the songs agree. It's not everyday they get to come out to places like that... Setlist: "sleuth", "problematique", "I lay my keys wherever I go", "Oh, but dance!", "I gotta go", "no money and a fee", "When you think it's like this, but it's like that", "lovely love", "numbers", "october and november", "I'm waiting for not waiting on you anymore", "Lull a bye",
20060902 Pop Dakar festival, Stockholm
The end of the summer. So much fun was had. Blood Music was a 7-piece band this night and we tried several new tracks: "I gotta go", "a hot bowl of soup" och "numbers" and it made me so happy to hear those songs come alive finally. The rain stopped it's pouring down the moment we got on stage (thank you!) and we ended the set with "it's a party" where Simone Rubi came up on stage to sing some vocals. Later that night, me, Lars, Marcus and Lina joined Rubies for an excellent show. It could have been one of my favorite summer nights, if it wasn't for the asshole who stole a lot of important things in my jacket backstage...
20060818 Trädgården, Stockholm
Nice weather. Playing outside. A dog trying to bite my leg just before the soundcheck... What can be better? Blood Music did another unrehearsed, but rather good show. After us, Rubies played. Rubies is Simone Rubi from San Fransisco with various friends. Tonight, half of the blood music crew backed her and her great bass-player Terri up. I did a bang or two on the drums and whispered here and there. It was fun. Right after the live-music was over, the whole place was invaded by people. I heard a couple talking: "it's supposed to be live-music here, but I don't know about that. I'm here to parrrty"
20060729 Parklife festivalen, Skanskvarn
Nicely nice. A small festival located very central in Stockholm, still it felt like you were somewhere else. By this mill you could see the subway trains rush back and forth through the trees. I saw taxi taxi play. Sir Eric Beyond (they were fabulous tonight) also. We played in a crowded tent and the atmosphere was perfect. People were dancing and chanting. I guess we were rather unrehearsed, but tonight it didn't matter that much. The last song never ended, so I went off stage and waited for the others to come. It took forever and I got unsure if I should get back up on the stage or would that be weird? I stayed off stage, zipping a drink and promised myself to get more used to situations like that.
060630 Pink Flag @ Amore, Malmö
We were three. How hard can it be? No, let's not blame the sound-guy for the rather crappy sound we had when were playing. Or...why not? Aina Myrstener played beautiful things on her cello, but I had a hard time hearing a single note, since there was a lot of feedback on the stage. Not that good ol' feedback. Bad and new feedback. Me, Adam and Aina rushed through the set and I can't really remember any good parts. Anyway, it was nice to be in Malmö again. To meet some good friends. And the after party at Mats was as good and everlasting as ever.
060610 E-pression festival, Farsta teater
Well, the swedish football team was playing against Trinidad/Tobago in the world championship and we saw the first 45 minutes in a worn-down bar in Farsta. We almost forgot that we actually were playing later the same night. The people who arranged this festival had fixed this beautiful cinema where you could see the battle, so that's where we ended up in the end. Oh, yes. Then there was music. But first poetry. Kalle Haglund read his poems and tales about this and that and it was really beautiful. We (the audience) sat so close to him and he had a cold and was a little bit nervous. It was funny and touching. Next up was the two sisters who goes under the name of Taxi Taxi. Beautiful is the word for that show too. And then we were on... It was one of the most intimate shows we've ever done. Even if the people in the audience were not many, they sure lifted us up. We played old and new songs. I felt completely at home there. The last song, "quit my job / cut my throat", went on forever. Or at least half an hour... We stopped playing several times, but the people in the room just kept it going, by dancing, beating rhythms and singing it. And those taxi sisters brought beautiful harmonies to it. One of us (I'm not telling you who, but he's in the rhythm-section) had tears falling down his cheeks at that moment. We got nice souvenirs from that theatre with us. Andreas "Bubben" Söderström got to bring "Astrid" home. An old showroom dummy who only had one arm, but a lot of charm. And I got this cut-off bloody plastic hand with me. It was a special night.
20060526 Siesta festivalen, Hässleholm
The city was full of people. Two happenings were happening at the same time! A cruising festival with lots of old cars from the 50-60's and this music festival where we played. "Maybe, you should stick to this festival, if you wanna be safe..." an arranger kindly warned me. Like I wasn't born in a place where people worship them old chevrolet's and cadillac's... Anyway. We came there just in time to hear Jenny Wilson say "thank you" after her set. Damn it! We had delicious food at the festival and everyone was super-nice. Peps Persson played just before us, on the big stage and that got us into a joyful mood. Lars "maran" Skoglund (he beat the drums in the swedish band Laakso, to mention one of the ten bands he's playing with) joined us on the drums and did an excellent job. We started with the improvised intro (tonight it was called "looking for thrift-stores in the south of sweden) and it became a fast krautrock thing this night. People were singing along and a good time was had by all. Hope to go back there one day...
060518 Pop-Marathon, Sjöhästen, Stockholm
A lot of artists on one night. Not enough time. No soundcheck. Events like this can get chaotic. But if there was chaos it was very mild. Memories I have: Drinking soft whiskey with Hlun the machinist, seeing good friends in the audience but no time too talk since I was on stage and didn't want to go public,the intro to "the salesman" sounding like Maher Shalal Hash Baz (by mistake, but that's a very good thing!), a drunk woman in the audience who tried to guess what part of Sweden I'm from, cutting down the wrong songs in the setlist as time was running out, eating a delicious waffle in the so-called backstage room, a long time no see-friend told me the songs made her sad,happy,sad,happy, sad, happy. And a beautiful, old farfisa-organ standing there just waiting for me to...not take her home. Funny, what you choose to remember sometimes...
060517 Annexet, Stockholm (opening for belle and sebastian)
Little do you know when you wake up in the morning. You sit down and read the morning paper and try to focus on what you have scheduled for the day. This day I had nothing. A free day. So,I was thinking about taking the biggest walk I have ever walked. But that was just thinking. I got a phone-call and it wasn't about taking a walk. Blood Music was asked to open up for belle and sebastian. The same day. I had to make my mind up quickly. Yes or no. I could NOT bring a full-band. Maximum was two persons. I've never been to this giant arena before and it's not every day blood music gets a proposal like this. And belle and sebastian is a good band. What could stop me from saying "yes" ? A long walk? Fear of playing in front of thousands of people who might hate you because you're just an unknown support-act? Don't think so. Called Andreas Söderström up and asked him to cancel his plans for the day (a rehearsal with another good band he's playing with. I'm sorry for that. Could we please be friends now?) and bring his trumpet. I'm not lying if I say that we were more nervous than usual. Didn't really know what to expect. The place was huge. And we were so tiny. We brought a mini-triangle with us, to make our performance even more minimalistic. Started our set with an instrumental intro which was basically Andreas fingerpicking on his guitar (playing an ASS song, check it up!) and me just playing one chord on the organ. I asked the audience to come closer and then I can't remember anything more. Well, a little more. It was joyous! The audience was listening and helping out with rhythms. We played that new song "I'm waiting for not waiting on you anymore" and it went very well. Ended the set with "it's a party". Sold a lot of records that night to kids who'd never heard of blood music. Got happy. Got drunk. Oh, yes. Suburban kids with biblical names played too. And that band, belle and sebastian...
20060512 Ugglan, Stockholm
This was just a perfect night. For me, at least. We were seven people playing this night and Svante did a heroic job playing the upright bass. We got in contact with him the day before and most of the songs we played, he heard for the first time. Could anyone tell? No way! He played them songs like he'd known them for ages. And Anna gave up serving people beer at Ugglan this very night and joined us with her shiny saxophone. I had so much fun. The atmosphere was great. I played on a real piano. We tried a lot of new songs and we could've played the whole night... "Words" was played live for the first time. And three new songs. The band joined in here and there, since the songs was totally new for them too. "I'm waiting for not waiting on you anymore" "The photo-album" and "Just to be seen (the first three pages of a found diary)" are the working titles.
20060510 Riche, Stockholm
This was a tricky show. Lots of people. Lots of beer. Could they hear us? Apparently some people did, because they clapped their hands and gave out shouts like "yeahwohh". But blood music tonight was a little bit unsure of themselves. Although, that is a good thing. You learn from everything, don't you? Maybe, I should stop talking nonsense... Andreas Söderström brought his lovely tablas-machine which we cranked up to the max,so everyone in the bar, no matter what state they were in, could get their share of these dirty beats from India. We used that machine for "the salesman" but something happened with the tempo and we had to play the song so slow the clocks almost stopped. Henrik Svensson also came up on that tiny stage to help out with some improvised guitar-drones. I guess "chaotic" is the right word to sum it up.
20060422 Botkyrka Konsthall, Tumba
I went directly from playing at the school to this Art-Museum and was placed at this beautiful little stage. It was still daytime... I played as many songs as I could think of and as many as I thought the audience could stand. A little nervous since I had no one else but myself to play with. But it was fun. I ended the set with that new song and it turned out great. A turkish female artist came up and told me that the music reminded her of Brian Eno's music. Well, I don't know about that, but it's a nice compliment though. "And you, talking away in swedish between the songs, that was a bit absurd", she said. Looks like that last word was the keyword to this day.
20060422 Långbro Folkhögskola, Fruängen
"Oh, to play music in the daytime, well, that's pretty absurd!". Someone once said that at a club I was in and for some reasons that sentence comes back now and then. Absurd or not, this was music in the daytime. In this nice old building, which was a former mental hospital and reminds me of the Overlook Hotel, the school had their doors opened for the public to have a look at what the students are doing there.I played "and she is the future" with Adam on bass-guitar and a guy at the front helped out on jingle bells. And since it was a lovely day, I played a new song, "when will you notice me in the crowd", for the first time and without any proper ending. Instead of drinking alcohol and eating snacks afterwards, I had a cup of mongolian-tea and some fantastic african food.
20060403 Debaser, Stockholm
A Flaming Lips tribute night.Seven artists/bands were asked to perform a song by Wayne Coyne and co. Blood Music opened the whole party with a version of "slow nerve action" in an lowkey version with a lot of singing.Good fun. And then our set was over. One song. Three minutes. We stayed around and drank too much beers and watched the other bands (the consequences, laakso-markus, indiekören, the shout out louds, ed greene and little red corvette)
20060328 Osaka vs Tokyo, Stockholm
A somewhat chaotic show.We were 11 people playing and there really wasn't room on the stage for a full football-team. Anna Ödlund played her accordion with blood music for the first time. Before us, The Sick Oakes played. I did a shuffle version when writing the set list, so some songs sat next to songs they never met before. When it was time to do an encore we found out we'd forgotten to play "Rumours travel fast", so that song closed the evening.
20060318 Inkonst, Malmö
A great night. We had a lot of dressingrooms to choose from and a lot of monitors to hear from. Even the bottles were many to drink from. We were 8 humans on the stage and Susie Nordling provided some extra saxophone. Jörgen Lindström played his harmonica like his life depended on it. I saw some familiar faces in the audience which made me glad. We ended with "all the tired horses" and this night it was graced with a superlong outro where Per Lager (drums), Marcus Palm (acoustic guitar) and Putte Frick-Meijer (bass) just went on forever with a safe beat a'la steely dan. A guy in the audience came to the front of the stage during that song and yelled to me: "It's really good, but let the song explode now with all your instruments". Like I was in control of that song...No, It didn't explode at all, it just went on and on with that safe beat...

20060216 Loppen, Copenhagen
We played ,unannounced, before John Parish (who has produced some of Pj Harvey's things) so it wasn't that hard to figure out that no one in the audience were there to see us (except for Rosengårds-Fredrik who we kidnapped in Malmö) Lina started our intro with some beautiful noisy tones on her saxophone and then we all entered the stage one after another. Sara and Niklas played their second blood music gig ever and did wonderful things here and there. All in all, it turned out to be a magical night. Enthusiastic people in the audience and J.Parish and his band seemed like nice people. And afterwards, late as hell, we did another unannounced gig at "Mojo blues bar" where we suddenly found ourselves on the stage, being presented as "some weird band from Sweden" by the owner of the club. We followed the club's tradition and transformed ourselves into a bluesband. The songs were improvised and Andreas "Bubben" Söderström was in top form whether he was playing his trumpet or banging the pianokeys. Too bad no one recorded the mess (or maybe: thank god no one recorded the mess) I remember singing lyrics like: "I got the blues. You got the blues. Who's got the blues?" The owner put out the electricity to the stage after two songs.We were not offered to come back for another gig, but on the hand some legendary danish blues-guy gave us his support. The photo was taken by Sara Wilson around 5'o clock in the morning and it's the only evidence that this actually happened and it was shot after the electricity was cut off from the stage (but that didn't stop the last two weirdos on the photo)

20060215 Smålands Nation, Lund
Blood Music arrived on time. And with a completely new rhythmsection. Sara Wilson handled the bass and Niklas Korsell sat behind the drums. I saw a couple in love making out in the audience. They didn't care too much about what we did on the stage. At the end of our show they were gone. Love comes before music, right?

20060210 Cafe Swartz, Norrköping
This night we were a six-piece band. Nice place and friendly atmosphere. I played on a great yellow piano and since there was no room for it on the stage I sat on the side next to the stage. Before the show we recorded an improvised jingle for a student radiostation. It sounded a little bit like the song "Hey Mickey"...
20060209 Manifestgalan, Nalen
I got invited to sing a song with Jenny Wilson at the Manifest-gala. And it was supposed to be a coverversion of some of the nominated artist's songs. We chose Frida Hyvönen's beautiful song "You never got me right". Sara Wilson provided some good guitarplaying & singing and Victor Hvidfeldt played the violin. It was the first time I've been to Nalen actually. Nice place. Both blood music and Jenny was nominated in different categories and Jenny did several performances throughout the night (she and Sara did a breathtaking version of "there is a war in almost every corner" which really surprised me) The moment when we were about to go up on the stage and play, Victor was missing..We started to play and we couldn't hear eachother, so I guess our performance was a bit shaky and weird.Our version sounded 50 times better one hour earlier. Victor got up on the stage during the song, I think. Also playing this night was the lovely sweptaways and taxi taxi did a nice version of loney dear's "the city the airport".
20060127 Kalmar Nation, Uppsala
Victor Hvidfeldt and Putte Frick Meijer who played with blood music the night before couldn't make it to this show, but instead we got some bass-playing from Joachim Ekermann. We waited forever to get to soundcheck our instruments. And forever in this case means a couple of hours. The norwegian band, sereena maneesh, just couldn't make up their mind if that volume on the wah-wah pedal was loud enough or not...The place was full of people. Some were really drunk. Like the girl who replied "Ja, vi är hår!" when I asked them if they wanted to hear "the hair". I played the last three songs with closed eyes, since I had a little migraine-attack (never had that before and never wish to have it again)
20060126 Linköping, Herrgår'n
We replaced a norwegian rock'n roll band who cancelled their show here a few days earlier (because they've been asked to open up for oasis in sthlm...) We tried to rock'n rolla in our own special way. Herrgår'n was cosy and nice. "All the tired horses" was done in a long version as an extra-number and the audience helped us carry it along. Per (our drummer) jumped in as a dj during the night and I do believe he sneaked in some Steely Dan in his set. At the late afterparty at the hotel we ended up watching the swedish movie "glasblåsarns barn" and then the morning came...
20060121 Fritz's corner debaser, Stockholm
A bigger blood music. This time with drums. And bass. Drum'n bass! And Victor on violin. We were nine people on stage and we had a great night. We played the improvised intro for the first time ever. This time it was quickly titled "I am so hungry, but I wouldn't eat a horse" I played two chords on the piano and then the keyboard stand holding it up fell apart and the piano crashed to the floor. I guess I was too excited to join in on the new track. Lots of people there. And people knew the words and sang along. Made me glad. We ended the concert with "held the hand" in an 15-minute version. Sometimes you just don't want to stop the music...
20060119 Kafe de luxe, Växjö
Småland. That's where I grew up, so It was impossible not to be hit by nostalgia and flashbacks when we got there. It was a beautiful place with lots of nice vintage furnitures. Same line-up as the night before. Not a lot of people in the audience, so I tried to dedicated each one of them a song. Afterwards, I do believe we were all dancing to Håkan Hellström on the rather empty dancefloor
20060118 Uppåt, Framåt, Göteborg
We were a five-piece orchestra this night. We had no drums. No bass. No drum'n bass. My little sister came to watch the show with her boyfriend. Things like that always makes it special. It was a nice club. Lots of people and a good challenge to play a soft set like this in a noisy club where people wanna dance and talk the night away. A woman from Copenhagen had travelled all the way up to Gothenburg just to see us and since we were only allowed to play a 25 minute set, we had to arrange an extra-show for her. We played her two songs backstage and got percussion-help from a mr Lekman.
Midweek session at String, Stockholm 051123

We got there late and I had forgotten some cable and had to run around on the streets looking for some shop that could possibly have some extras. It turned out the grocery-store round the corner was the perfect place. We were six people playing as blood music this night. Me, Lina, Jörgen, Per, Adam and Marcus. String is a really nice cafe' and we played in the cellar that was just as nice with a lot of old furnitures here and there. And our set was totally improvised for the first time ever. It worked out fine. And the sound was surprisingly good. Apart from not getting any food, drinks or money for the taxi that we had to take all our instruments in, we had good fun.
Kägelbanan, Stockholm 051120

Ten people in the blood music orchestra this night. We supported the canadian group Wolf Parade. They played loud as hell so we decided to play mild as hell. We opened up with an all singing version of "runs in the family" and from there on it was just joy. Victor Hvidfeldt played violin (on more songs than he should and he's free to do so any other time, too!!) Henry M Selder on bass-harmonica and balalaika. Jörgen Lindström on harmonica. Per Lager on drums. Marcus Palm was the acoustic guitar guy. Andreas Söderström played trumpet and harmonium. Lina Langendorf on different horns. Adam Kammerland had his wooden casio (for the last time? It was nowhere to be found the morning after...) Joachim Ekermann was the bass-player. I was playing some piano.
Bongo Bar, Jönköping 051117

Some really nice people called "the mintstick collective" brought us to Jönköping. Thank you! We performed as a trio (me, Lina and Marcus) and had a really good time (and excellent food in a cosy apartment) Me, I was babbling away like there was no tomorrow and we played "a telegram for rosemary" with flute and guitar for a change. It would be a lie to say that the place was packed to the maximum, but the people who turned up was lovely to the max. "All the tired horses" was played as an encore and although we'd decided earlier on to keep it short, it went on forever...People were snapping rhythms with their fingers and singing along. After a while we stopped playing and just looked at the audience who, in a beautiful way, had taken over the song. We drove back home in the dark night listening to a great radioprogramme that Lina just had made. Marcus, the one and only driver, was so tired from last night's no sleep that he looked like a scary ghost on a picture we took (can not show it here as it is too scary) but he got us home safe. And yes, not to forget, Jenny M Jensen played just before us and she was truly great!!
Ugglan, Stockholm, 051103

There is something special about this owl. Even though there weren't microphones enough for us (we were nine people playing) everything always works out great in the end somehow. I was playing on the school-piano they have there and nothing really beats a heavy old piano! We started with "runs in the family" and it was the first time blood music tried to do that song justice live. And after that my mind went blank. But in a good way. I just know that we played a long set, thirteen songs to be exact and everyone had a real good time (including me although I was placed so I stared into the walls throughout the set), the last song went on forever and people in the audience helped out with singing and footstomping. In other words: there was no oxygen down there, so it was like playing in a sauna with clothes on and still loving it!
Releaseparty "sing a song fighter", Street, Stockholm 051005

Pure joy evening. Gathered around most of the people who's been helping out on the album to play this evening. And boy, was it good or was it good? I wish we could do this every night. Nine of us playing and then nine members from the "sweptaways" choir joined in for the last three songs. There really wasn't room for 18 persons on the stage, but it worked out great somehow. Blood Music, this very night: Marcus Palm - acoustic guitar. Lina Langendorf - bass clarinet, flute and saxophone. Adam Kammerland - organs and toy - marimba. Andreas Söderström - harmonium and cabasa. Per Lager - drums. Ida Lunden - accordion. Joachim Ekermann - bassguitar. Martin Linder - saxophone. Sara Lunden - flute. Me - electric piano. All singing. All dancing. Thank you all! Songs we played: It's a party - somebody put something in my drink - wintercold - rumours travel fast (live for the first time) - held the hand - the salesman - play this at my funeral - and she is the future - there is a war - the hair (for the first time also). Then there was an encore: all the tired horses (cover of a b dylan song)
Landet, telefonplan 050903

The falling apart trio. It can't go totally wrong at a place like Landet, can it? It's so cosy and relaxed there. This night's trio was stumbling a little bit on some songs, but what can you expect when the theme of the night is "the falling apart trio". Or was that just in a dream? Martin linder brought his duke guitar for the first two songs and after that, he took out his saxophone and played (exclusively for the people in the front, since there were no microphones near the sax-area). Me? I was fighting with the chords on the piano. Singing and talking. Talking and singing. But there can be no trio if not a third person shows up. And Jörgen Lindström sure did! His knowledge (I mean, the man has been to more than 100 bob dylan concerts, for example!) and his blues-harmonica graced "the salesman" and the ending of "It's a party". That was his first musical performance ,in this country, for at least 40 years. Let's hope he will do it more often. Afterwards a couple from Bangladesh wanted to book blood music for some concerts. Their musical taste was exciting to say at least: Bengali folk music, psalms and...blood music!!!
Urban festival, street, stockholm 050820

Early in the morning. Maybe not morning to some, but to me it was. I carried my big, heavy piano with me and promised myself that this was the last time I'll ever bring it. A lot of bands were going to play but there was not enough time. Two minutes before blood music was supposed to play it looked like I was going to do it solo. Adam was sleeping like a baby backstage. But at the first chord I struck I saw him sitting next to me on the stage. I'm not sure he understood what songs we were actually playing, but he did some really nice things on my little toy marimba from Bucharest. We played five songs: there is a war, somebody put something in my drink, it's a party, the salesman, and she is the future.
Patsy Soundsystem, Trädgården, Stockholm 050819

A band from gothenburg called agent simple opened up. And they were really nice! Blood Music was a sextet this night. Lina and her horns were sadly missing, but on the other hand Henry joined in with his balalaika and Adam brought his wooden casio. We played the same songs as we did the week before, but in longer versions. "It's a party" for example, ended up in a funky jam with lots of cowbells (thanks to the drummer in agent simple who had those in his drumset ) We all sat down while we played. Like old men in a pub. I don't think it will happen again (because I like standing up) but I do hope to give more concerts with these fellows as they are all musicians I admire in many ways. Two girls came up after the show and said that they really liked some of the songs, but is my left leg really lame? Is my left leg really what? Turns out I've been tapping my right foot all through the set but the left leg had been totally still. I had to disappoint them and tell them I have a functional left leg. All in all, it was a beautiful night.
Saker som vi glömt, Emmabodafestivalen 050813

Blood Music transformed into a five piece orchestra this weekend. And we had great fun. Three hours before we went on stage we had this rehearsal on the porch of this little campinghouse where we slept the last night. Marcus Palm was the chief of the acoustic guitar. Per Lager drumming on drums. Lina Langendorf had to choose between flutes, saxophones and a bass-clarinet and she chose them all. Andreas "Bubben" Söderström brought his lovely harmonium and his cabaza. And me, thrilled just being with these people. I sang, too. When it was time for blood music to play, the rain started to come down. Heavily. Most of the people disappeared. Into tents. Into cars. Into..something. But we went on stage. Since it was the first time the five of us played together, I guess everyone of us was a little bit nervous. But a lot of people turned up and stood there in the rain listening. Thank you! We loved every minute. Songs we played: a telegram for rose-marie, there is a war, somebody put something in my drink, wintercold, and she is the future, held the hand, play this at my funeral, the salesman, it's a party. Afterwards we watched Jens Lekman do a magnificient concert and Marcus, Lina, me and Frida Hyvönen got up on stage for his last song to sing some guestvocals on a beautiful coverversion of "women of the world".
2005.04.13 at Klubb RUIN at Södra Teatern Stockholm
check out a live clip of "And She is the future"

A long time (too long!) since the last time. I was a bit shaky, but södra teatern is such a nice place to play at. Performed three songs on my own, then my good friends and supermusicians Adam Kammerland and Marcus Palm came up on the stage to help out with some acoustic guitars, bass guitars and handclaps. "There is a war in almost every corner" was played live for the first time.
2004.04.30 Kavi Gupta Gallery ("You don't love me yet" event) Chicago

Blood Music in Usa for the first time. Ten artists played a version each of Roky Ericksons "you don't love me yet" as part of Johanna Billings great art project with the same name. Beautiful performances were done on a lovely carpet. Members from wilco, plush, rebecca gates and many more played. The blood music version started with a long trembling speech (as usual, I'm afraid) about the big difference between my hometown Agunnaryd and the huge skyscrapers of Chicago. I'm not sure it made much sense, but I enjoyed every minute.
2002.11.02 Trollet Sound System, Magasin 3, Stockholm

I remember playing "it's a party" in a really long, improvised version which mentioned the group The Bear Quartet. Afterwards some people tried to analyse what the lyrics were all about. I decided to give that song some new proper lyrics. It was a good night.
2002.09.21 Make it happen feat. Distro/ Baltic Babel, Rooseum Malmoe

I bought this weird technics-organ, which really looks like a spaceship, the day before and decided to perform the songs on that. A big mistake. I didn't have the time to learn how to use it in a good way, so all the songs were played with this really cheesy, fully sustained sound.

2002.07.17 Fritz's Corner, Takterassen, Kulturhuset Stockholm (NO IMAGE)

Playing outside on a roof is nice for a change. The song "the complaining neighbours" was played for the first and only time.
2002.05.11 Make it happen/ Häpna Release event, Backstage, Stadsteatern, Stockholm

Big Organ vs The Piano. The first time I played "and she is the future". I was trying to add a bass-drum during the song, but it kept moving away from me..I have nice memories of this night.
2002.04.21 Indigo's Birthday Party, Indigo, Stockholm

Surreal. Nightmare. Party. The bar was celebrating their 3rd year and had free drinks all night. Blood Music was invited to sing some songs, and I had no idea how to make the situation somewhat normal. The talking was so loud, I can guarantee you no one heard a single word of what I was singing about. -Play some Michael Jackson, a girl shouted to me. I laugh now when I think of it. But I didn't at the time.
2002.04.19 Helmut, Bläckfisken, Stockholm

Playing in the window. At a great club. Blood Music was doing ok!
2001.11.19 Make it happen on tour, Mono, Oslo

I like Oslo.

2001.11.01 Fritz's Corner, Tantogården, Stockholm (NO IMAGE)

I brought this big home-organ with me and played "somebody put something in my drink" for the first time. A good concert, I think. A ramones-fan told me afterwards that every cover of a ramones song is a failure. But my version, he added, was a great failure.

2001.10.01 Bus, Barnens underjordiska scen, Stockholm

This was a beautiful night. Barnens Underjordiska Scen must be the greatest place to be if you're a child (and who is not?) I played as many songs I could come up with (the atmosphere was so good) in a gigantic bed.

2001.09.15 Distro, Lava, Stockholm (NO IMAGE)

I played "a telegram for rose-marie" for the first time. That's all I remember. It was really minimal piano-playing and me singing songs I made up the day before.

2001.07.04-05 Make it happen on tour, Situflex Studio Copenhagen, Rooseum Malmoe

A lot of good people got in a bus and headed for copenhagen and malmö. This was the first blood music performances ever. The first song was "wintercold". Played on a wurlitzer in Copenhagen. In Malmö, Magnus Henriksson (existensminimum) suddenly got up on the stage and joined in behind the drums for the last song. Good to have saviours now and then. See Make it happen on tour, Quicktime Movie!
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